Podiatry Clinic – Your One Stop Shop for Foot Care

Everybody’s feet are different, so it makes sense that they all require different kinds of care. That’s where podiatry clinics come in! The best podiatry clinic in Windsor will provide you with individualized foot care and address any concerns or issues that you might have with your feet—whether it’s something minor like a callus or something more serious like plantar fasciitis.

Podiatry clinics are the best place to go if you are looking for any kind of foot care, including information on how to fix bunions, corns, heel spurs, and ingrown toenails.

Why seeing a podiatrist is important?

There are many reasons why you might need to see a podiatrist. The two most common are an injury or if you’ve developed a condition called plantar fasciitis. Podiatrists at the best podiatry clinic Prahran, who typically receive specialized training in foot care, will conduct an examination to diagnose the problem and take measures to treat it.

If plantar fasciitis is diagnosed, there are several treatment options available that can reduce pain and help with the healing and recovery of the fascia tissues in your foot.

There are also some preventative treatments, such as arch supports or orthotics, that can be prescribed to help limit the risk of developing this condition.

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Benefits of Regular Checkups With Your Podiatrist

  • Regular checkups with your podiatrist help you take care of your feet and their ailments faster than trying to spot problems on your own.
  • Being aware of any foot health issues you might have can help avoid surgery in the future.
  • Regular checkups with a podiatrist are necessary to properly diagnose a potential medical condition that is actually happening, like an ingrown toenail or blood blister under the foot pad caused by diabetes or an early-stage fracture that might not cause pain but could lead to complications down the road.
  • It’s also important to visit a podiatrist if you experience pain while walking or standing because these may be signs of arthritis, nerve damage, heel spurs, hammertoes or other foot ailments that need professional treatment.
  • A regular checkup will provide insight into whether there are any changes in your gait due to pregnancy or aging, which could contribute to muscle strain, back pain and even hip problems.
  • A podiatrist will also be able to identify skin conditions like corns, calluses and bunions as well as offer possible solutions for relieving them, such as custom orthotics and corns pads, so they don’t rub against shoes.
  • Regular foot care from your podiatrist also includes cleaning between toes, trimming nails and inspecting feet for blisters and nail fungus.


The best podiatry clinic Windsor is an establishment that specializes in caring for disorders of the foot. Podiatric care is a branch of medicine that treats a wide range of conditions affecting the human foot, ankle, and lower leg and some related problems involving other regions such as the spine or knee.

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When Should You Bring Your Child To The Podiatrist?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the timing of your first podiatry in Windsor visit will depend on your child’s individual needs. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to help you decide when to take your little one in for their first checkup. In this post, we’ll discuss the common reasons parents bring their children to the podiatrist and provide some advice on when it’s the best time to schedule an appointment. Keep reading for more information!

Skin and Nail Conditions

If your child has any of the following symptoms, it’s a good idea to bring them in for an exam:

  • Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis)
  • Dry skin that is cracking or peeling
  • Skin infections, including staphylococcal and streptococcal infections
  • Calluses due to pressure or friction on the feet
  • Warts on fingers or toes that are painful or not going away with standard treatment

If you notice any concerns with your child’s feet or lower limbs, it is important to bring them in for an appointment so that the condition can be properly diagnosed and treated. Early intervention is often key in preventing further problems down the road. If you are unsure whether or not your child should see a podiatrist, please don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s pediatrician for more guidance.

Sports Injury

If your child is a competitive athlete, he or she should see a podiatrist. Likewise, if your child is a recreational athlete (playing sports for fun and exercise) that participates in sports that require him or her to run long distances, jump high in the air, and land on their feet often—such as basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball—a foot doctor can help prevent injuries from occurring.

As an adult who has been diagnosed with bunions or hammertoes as well as plantar fasciitis (heel spurs), I can tell you how important it is to make sure your feet are properly cared for right now, so they don’t start bothering you later in life!

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Foot and Lower Leg Pain

Your child’s pediatric podiatrist is a perfect resource for all of your foot and lower leg pain questions. Generally, if you have any concerns about the health of your child’s feet, it is best to consult with your pediatrician first. Your pediatrician will probably refer you to a podiatrist if necessary.

If one of the following applies to your child:

  • They are limping
  • They are complaining of foot pain or ankle pain
  • Their ability to walk or run has been reduced due to foot or ankle problems (such as flat feet)
  • You notice that their toe joints appear swollen or red in color


It’s normal for kids to trip, fall and be clumsier than adults. But if your child has recently tripped or fallen a lot more than usual, it might be time to see the podiatrist.

Your child may have a sensory processing disorder (SPD) that affects their balance. SPD can cause clumsiness and problems with balance. A sensory processing disorder is a condition that affects how people process information from the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and movement in space (proprioception). The severity of SPD varies widely from person to child but often affects coordination and gross motor skills such as walking or running without looking where they’re going. Some children with SPD actually seem like they’re “drunk” when they walk because they aren’t paying attention when moving their limbs around while walking stairs etc.

Physical therapy 

Physical therapy can be used to treat a variety of foot and lower leg conditions. It’s an effective treatment for children and adults alike.

Physical therapy is most commonly used to treat patients with foot injuries, such as injured ankles or fractures. But physical therapists can also help people recover from surgery on their feet or legs, which often involves using casts to immobilize the affected area until it heals completely. Physical therapists also use heat therapy, ultrasound, and massage techniques to help improve circulation in the lower body.


There are a number of situations where you should bring your child to the Podiatrist in South Yarra as soon as possible. If they have any of these issues, it is important that they get checked out right away.

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