Can Kerosene And Home Heating Oil Be Mixed?

Kerosene and home heating oil are both fuels, but they’re not the same thing. Kerosene is a petroleum distillate that’s used for home heating and cooking, while Home Heating Oil Brockton MA is actually a refined form of kerosene. When you fill-up your tank with fuel oil at the gas station, it’s usually going to be kerosene.

The problem with this is that kerosene doesn’t always work well in older boilers or furnaces designed for use with fuel oil. In fact, mixing these two fuels can lead to clogs, fires and other major problems! 

So what should you do if you’ve got an old furnace or boiler that needs some new fuel? Should you just throw in a few gallons of regular unleaded? Or maybe even cheapo off-brand stuff?

Are Kerosene and Home Heating Oil the Same?

The answer is no, but yes. Kerosene and Home Heating Oil Brockton MA are not the same substance; however, they can be mixed together to create a fuel that will burn similar to kerosene. 

A petroleum distillate is used as a base for home heating oil, which is usually sold by the gallon in tanks at gas stations or hardware stores and comes in different grades depending on how it was refined. 

Because of this variation in processing methods, though all of them will burn cleanly and efficiently in an old-fashioned kerosene lamp or heater they may not be interchangeable when it comes to other applications such as engines or stoves.

The only way to know if your particular brand of kerosene can be mixed with another type of fuel without causing damage is by reading its packaging instructions carefully before doing so (if any exist). 

If you do decide on your own that mixing two types of fuels together would work for your particular situation then please proceed with caution – always use common sense when handling hazardous materials like this!

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Can You Mix Fuel Oil and Kerosene?

The answer is yes, but it’s not recommended. While it’s possible to mix kerosene and home heating oil in a pressure tank heater (for example), this is not recommended. If you do decide to go with this mixture, you should flush your tank before using the mixture by turning on all burners at maximum setting for 15 minutes.

If you want to avoid having to deal with a potentially dangerous mixture altogether, consider switching from kerosene heaters altogether and investing in an electric one instead.

Is Mixing Kerosene and home Heating Oil Dangerous? 

When you mix kerosene and home heating oil, the result is a dangerous substance.

Mixing kerosene and Home Heating Oil Brockton MA can cause fires or explosions that can result in serious injury or death. In addition to the obvious risk of a fire occurring, mixing kerosene and home heating oil can damage your heater and make it malfunction. 

This means that when you need your heater most—in the middle of winter—your heater may not be able to heat your house safely.

A mixture of kerosene and home heating oil is dangerous. If you have an older tank, it could be filled with kerosene instead of home heating oil. This could cause a fire or explosion if the two fuels are mixed. It’s best to have your tank filled by a licenced professional.


Kerosene and home heating oil can be mixed, but it’s best to have your tank filled with home heating oil by a licenced professional. 

It’s also important to note that you should never use kerosene or home heating oil as a fuel for any other purpose than heating your house. Mixing these types of fuel will cause damage to your equipment and could even start a fire.

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